Thursday, January 5, 2012

He Signed up for This?

     I sat down to write today and thought about how serious I am all the time when I write.  I guess it’s because it’s kind of become my therapy, and therapy is serious business.  Today I thought I might lighten up some and share in my usual style.  I was thinking I’d write about how wacky I can be as a woman sometimes and how when you throw that into a marriage and involve the love of your life, what transpires is quite entertaining.  Well….after the fact.  And maybe to me it’s funny, not sure what he thinks.

     Neediness had overtaken my senses on Saturday night.  Not sure what exactly I needed, but I NEEDED it and someone had better give it to me!  I prayed, and I thought about it and gave it a few hours to subside, then I decided that since the husband was the only one available at the time then he must be the one that should solve all of my problems.  I did the thing you are supposed to do when you are married, I communicated.  A very clumsy display of communication it was too.  I told him that something was wrong, and that I felt like I needed to talk, but when he asked me to explain it sounded something like this…  chirp…..chirp….”er, um, well I dunno, I just uhh, well..y’know.”  chirp….chirp….SNNOOORRREEE (that was his contribution).  Since my audience had now checked out, I had to turn it back to God.  With tears and supplication I fell asleep.
     The next day we went to church.  I was happy to have that distraction from my so-called problem and just get into worshipping and being with loved ones.  However, as soon as we got into the car and were on our way home, the cloud found me again.  It must have stayed in the car during church since evil is not allowed in the building.  When we got home and changed from our church clothes and had a chance to talk again, I was finally able to say something that made some sense.  I got a hug and POOF, all better.  The poor man was baffled.  We survived my hormonal abyss without a fight and all was well.
     So, Monday he comes home from work, being oh so attentive and sweet.  Calling me with his new little pet name for me, “Mumsy….you wanna sit by me?”  After a few times, I “realized” i.e.(a brick flew into our living room and hit me upside the head) “He’s trying to give you extra attention.  You asked for this, you idiot!”  I was playing on the computer, completely content and he’s caught up now and trying to fulfill my needs.  Are we all like this?  Poor men!  We really need to cut them some slack.


Amy Caryl said...

God is so merciful. He threw the brick of course. :)

lizmason said...

Amen, we truly need to cut them some slack. I thank God for being the great communicator;like a type of satellite and tends to clarify my babbling in a way that my husband can usually understand.