Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Grass is as Green as You See It

     I long for the day I can look out over the suds in the sink, to the pasture and see her galloping on her horse.  Wind blowing their hair, smiles for both.  Can a horse smile?  I dream of the chicken coop full of chickens busily laying eggs just for us.  A walk through our own woods at sunset, listening to birds and insects unfamiliar to my ears would be such sweet music.  Maybe a cow or two would be nice, and a large garden full of fruits and vegetables and fresh herbs.  I long for something I don’t have.  The longing comes and goes, but it’s there and I can’t deny that it doesn’t get to me sometimes.

     The Israelites were rescued from the Egyptians by the most heroic, powerful means that could ever be imagined.  They had a chosen leader in Moses and they had a destination.  All they had to do was follow and trust.  Their one folly is that they could not be content with their situation.  The least bit of discomfort caused them to whine and complain.  They had already forgotten what their previous lives were like.  They thought they weren’t happy…I think back.
     Just five years ago, Eric and I lived in our small starter home.  We were happy there and have many fond memories of that home.  Both of our children were born while we lived there.  However, it was small and after having our second child we were running out of space.  We never could decide if it was the right decision, so we prayed and trusted God.  If it was His will, it would happen.  It was a seller’s market and so we decided to take the plunge.  In just two months we sold it for the asking price and moved to our current home, which we like very much.
     God’s people knew they were heading to the promised land, but their lack of gratitude and impatience led to their demise.  They agreed to be faithful to the covenant that God put before them, yet they didn’t.  Because of this decision, their consequence was to wander for 40 years in the very place of their misery before their ancestors would have the privilege of entering the land of Canaan.
     I sure don’t want the same fate.  I also agreed to a covenant with God.  I agreed to live my life in Christ.  That means I need to obey his commands and I need to be forever grateful for my blessings.  I don’t deserve anything, so whatever I have is icing on the cake.  Heaven will be a land full of glory, more beautiful than any countryside on earth and if I have to wait until I arrive there, I will.  By being thankful every day for the little things and the big things I am showing that I trust and “BELIEVE” in God.  How can I say I believe in Him if I am not thankful for what He gives?  Don’t I trust Him to give me exactly what I need when I need it?  I don’t really believe in Him if I don’t trust Him.  Have you ever told someone, “I believe in you?”  What are you really saying?  I trust you.  Right? 
     I can’t control every emotion I have and I’m sure that I will dream of my farm in the country.  I can remind myself when I have those feelings of what I have right now.  When I’m looking across some bright green pasture longing for it to be mine, I can think of all of the other “pastures” He has already given me.  I can be thankful for the ones that are in my home, wherever that home sits; the ones that have my heart.  After all, home is where the heart is.