Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Abbey

     Today marks your 13th year on this earth.  How the time really does fly.  I remember all of the details of the day you came into my life.  Your tiny little hands and feet, your beautiful little eyes, nose and mouth, you were perfect to me.  You have grown into a precious young lady.  You have talents and character qualities that God has given you and an inner joy that lights up your surroundings wherever you go.  It always has.  Just like when you were small, your bubbly, positive personality is contagious and wonderful and is what I love about you the most.  There has not been a day with you that I have not treasured.  I hope you know that.
     We are at a turning point.  The next years with you here at home, will be your growing up years.  The years that you decide your place in this world; that you go where God leads you is my prayer.  Please never forget that I want to help you.  That my advice, my reminders, my discipline…..yes, my nagging...they are all my love.  No matter how old you are, where you are, what you become, you will always be WHO you are to me now and forever.  Your dad and I love you very much, sweet girl.  What a blessing you are to us!