Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Trouble With Stuff

     Today I was having some computer problems and I called my only resource, my husband, for some help. The problems actually started yesterday, so technology is not my BFF at this point. I'll admit I'm a tad frustrated with all of it. I suppose I sounded that way when I called him, actually I know I did. How do I know? He told me his frustrations too.
     People call him often with their computer woes. By the time they do, they are at the end of their rope and angry. Not at him, but with this little rectangular blob of information that doesn't want to give any of it up to them. They can't take it out on the blob, so my poor helping husband gets the brunt of it. Wow, did that open my eyes to what he goes through, and also to what all people go through sometimes.

     How many times have I been frustrated at some company and taken it out on the customer service person, the undeserving victim who answered my phone call? I don't remember doing it lately, but I have in the past and I feel bad about it now. It made me think of a video I watched last night from a series called "The Truth Project". The subject of this particular video was work and how that fits in with our spirituality. There are many small aspects involved in this subject with one being our material things. The professor teaching on the subject was saying what we all know: Everything belongs to God! He was pondering what the world would be like if every Christian REALLY believed that...if we lived it.
     What I'm doing when I get frustrated at my things is I'm letting things come before my relationships. My relationship with God and man. If the thing is causing me to stumble in that way, then it's time to stop and pray and reprioritize. Nothing should steal my joy or allow me to get so worked up that I call and steal someone else's joy too. Lesson learned. Next....


Hannah Flaherty said...

I think this comment is actually going to go through! Yay! Well, in case not, I'll keep it short. Good lesson about our stuff getting in the way and even dividing us. Since the book "1000 Gifts" is fresh on my mind, this reminds me of the power in gratitude. Do you think if we thank God for it - the computer, whatever is giving us grief - it will become a blessing? I guess that's the same as recognizing that all belongs to Him anyway.

Christi K. said...

I do think that we should be thankful even IF something is giving us a problem. It made me think about trusting God, and how things happen for my good. If I really believe that too, wouldn't I thank Him for even the inconveniences of life?