Monday, December 12, 2011

Parenting 101 by God

     Today I was having one of those days where someone (I won’t mention any names) was kind of… do I say this…..getting on my nerves. Ever had one of those days? Since it was only my children and I here, you can probably guess that it was one of them. I’ll leave it at that. So, in desperate guilty mom mode, I tried to think of this from a spiritual standpoint so that I could see it in a helpful way instead of the destructive path I had started for myself. Which parent do you think I used as my example?

          I thought about God and how much we should get on his nerves.  If he thought like us, he wouldn’t have any nerves left.  He doesn’t though, he thinks like God.  He never gets tired of hearing me talk to him.  He never wishes that I would go away and stop spending time with him.  He would hug me anytime I asked if he were here on earth in the flesh.  He would show me over and over again how to do something and never once lose his patience.  When I’m lost he finds me.  When I’m sad he comforts me. When I am wrong he corrects me.  When I disobey, he gives me grace.  He forgives me time and time again.  He allowed his one and only son to DIE in my place.
     Enough said.