Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birds Don't Worry

     I’m not a huge worrier.  I don’t create things to worry about, and most days I’m a reasonably calm person dealing with my daily chores and sometimes problems.  When I have things that do concern me, I really do pray and give them to God.  Mostly because I know there is nothing I can really do about them.  They are the huge life problems that I have no control over so I go to the One who does.  The bible tells me to cast all of my anxiety on him because he cares for me.  What a comfort that is!
     So here’s the meat of the story, and what’s wrong with me.  I do let the “little things” get to me.  Things like when the kids can’t find their shoes, AGAIN!  Or, when I over-schedule my day, or when my husband forgets what I say to him.  These are things that should be simple to let go.  For one, I can just stop and pray anytime, anywhere.  I can ask God to help me right there in that situation.  I can at least ask Him to help take away my anxiety.  Even more, I can ask Him to change the situation. 
     The more I sat and pondered these examples of “little things” that bother me so much, the more I realize that they bother me because they happen over and over again.  I think the reason that I don’t pray for them is that I don’t think God really cares if the kids can’t find their shoes.  I feel like praying for these kinds of things would be almost disrespectful to Him.  However, the verse above says He cares for me.  He CARES!!  It also says to cast ALL of my anxiety on Him.  ALL of it!!!!
     He knows me.  He knows that I already go to Him with the big stuff.  So, for me to pray for the small things, would be a big deal to God.  He would see me trusting Him with every aspect of my life.  It’s not so much about what I’m praying for, it’s more about walking with God daily and letting Him lead me.  Like the birds in the air who do not worry.  They know they will eat and have a place to sleep and find shelter in a storm.  Those are their big things.  As far as I can tell, they don’t have little things.  Their creator provides and they trust and that’s all there is to it.