Monday, May 30, 2011

Pressing On...

     If you want something bad enough, you have to work for it.  Isn’t that what we’ve heard?  Why then, do I continue to want and want, but not do the work to get it?  I know the rules and what I have to do.  I have done it before.  I know where to get support, and where to get my strength to persevere.  I know what it feels like to achieve.  What I don’t know is what I’m waiting for.
     I think of Naaman.  He was sick and tired of his body, so fragile and ill.  He was an outcast and living in misery.  A prophet, he heard, could heal him.  So he went.  He was given his instruction, he knew what to do and what it would take for healing, but he doubted and waited.  He tried to reason himself away from the one thing he wanted more than anything.  All of his friends watched him and wondered why he wouldn’t just submit, just try.  They told him how they felt.
     When he was finally convinced to just try, it worked.  He was healed.  He let go of his stubborn will and he did what it took to achieve his goal.  How much time was wasted, isn’t written.  I don’t want to waste any more time.  I’m ready to be healed.  I’m ready to fight for what I want.  Sometimes a few words from someone who loves and cares are all that is needed to convince you.  Thank God for real love, it never fails.
     Starting today, I’m going to follow the rules and obey the spirit that guides me to make my decisions.  I won’t doubt or reason with myself.  I will just keep pressing on toward my goal to gain my prize.  I will seek support from my loving friends.  I will ask for strength from above.  I will do this with my goal always in my mind and knowing that all it takes is hard work and dedication.  I will do this!


Suzanne said...

OOOh Thats a good word! preach it sista!;)

JaniceM said...

Thanks for another uplifting message, Christi.