Friday, July 1, 2011

God Holds the Key

     For fifteen years you have been my rock.  Sometimes the longing to run off in to the woods alone with you and sit by the bank of a cool pond and just have you all to myself is overwhelming.  I wish I knew that you were happy with the life you’ve chosen.  I know you get up before the sun rises every day and go to a place where you are treated less than human.  Their expectations and demands coming at you from all sides, and your head spinning, projects stacking:  all for us.  You feel that hours of your life tick away behind four stuffy walls and one crisis after another breaking you down.
     We can’t wait for you to get home.  You light up the house.  You add the “silly” to balance where I am too serious with the kids sometimes.  We need you in so many ways.  You are our leader.  You do it in such a way that I never feel oppressed or less than, but in a way where I feel like what is on my heart matters to you.  You cherish your family.  Your gentle way of discipline is perfect for our childrens’ tender hearts.  They love and respect you and strive to make sure you are pleased with them.  You’ve always been gentle, even when you disagree with me, and you’ve taught me so much.
     God will use you in whatever career path you choose.  Wherever you and I go, He will be with us.  We will pray and He will provide.  There is joy for your daughter, your son, your wife, and there is joy for you.  No more complaining, but trusting.  That’s what we need to do.  There is power in prayer and we aren’t using that power.  Why do we do that?  I do know that God wants us to be thankful and I am.  I’m so thankful for you.