Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Taste of Heaven

     How can anyone think that God doesn’t have His hand in life?  Just three years ago I was on another endeavor to lose a few pounds when I decided through prayer and supplication to reach out to others who were doing the same.  I tried a general thread on Nutrisystem’s website and got little response.  The next day I logged on and saw that there was a Christian Support Group, so I entered and introduced myself.  That was my answer to those prayers.  Here, three years later and tons of laughs, tears and prayers have been shared between us and we are still talking daily.  We use Facebook now, a private group, but not much else has changed except for maybe a stronger bond.
     Within this wonderful group, I have even gotten the opportunity to meet a few of them in person.  Theresa, my closest neighbor, who lives in a small coastal town near Houston was first.  She drove to my house to have dinner and stay the night.  That same day I got the opportunity to meet Charlyn from Oregon.  She had come into town to meet a half brother she had never known who Theresa had helped her to find.  Amazingly he lived only 20 minutes from me.  That’s really who my story is about tonight.  I’m just thinking about God and how he brings people into our lives and what a blessing it is.

     Jack passed away just two days ago.  The night I first met him when he came to my house with Charlyn, he was in relatively good health.  Theresa came into town so that he could meet the woman who had helped brother and sister reunite on this side of heaven.  Vibrant and so very kind, I could tell why Charlyn was so happy to have found her brother.  He had rosy cheeks and kind eyes and smiled constantly.  He loved our kids, loved our dog, and even loved us.  All of them being here felt so comfortable and right, even though I had never met (in person) anyone that was here that night. 
     After that night I had several other opportunities to meet up with Jack when Charlyn was here to see him.  Once was when their sister passed away and I went to the funeral.  I never knew her either, but I just wanted to go for my friend to offer her some support.  Another, happier visit, we all went to the Stockyards and had some Bar-B-Q together.  Jack insisted on treating us that night, and he also treated Abbey to a mechanical bull ride just so he could watch and laugh.  That makes me smile.  I just never felt like a stranger with them, or that I didn’t belong there.
     Heaven will be like that, but even more so.  I think about how uncomfortable some situations can be here on earth.  There are times when I am surrounded by people I don’t know very well and I am squirming.  In heaven we will all be there together and I imagine we will feel like one big family.  We will be happy to see people because they are brothers and sisters in Christ and we belong together.  I guess the lesson I learned from the short time I knew Jack and got to get together with this family was a small taste of heaven.  It was good.