Monday, June 20, 2011

Dreams: A Gift from God

     The need to go home was overwhelming.  I had to get there, but the only way was upstream.  I plunged in and began to fight the current.  I wanted to go a different way or a shorter way, but this was the way.  I was in it now and must not turn back.  After swimming for awhile I saw him, just up ahead on the bank.  I pleaded for him to pull me up, but he smiled kindly, and urged me to go further.  Not completely exhausted yet, I agreed without much protest and continued swimming. 
     Just around the bend I saw something in the water.  Something with very large scales and huge teeth, and I screamed for a hero.  Just then I saw him on the bank again with a sling shot.  He swung it around several times in short circles and then let go.  A pebble left the sling as if it was in slow motion and I watched it fly through the air.  I could feel its power and knew the aim had been dead on before it hit anything.  It hit the river monster right between the eyes and down it went without a sound.  I turned to look into the conqueror’s eyes, he was gone.  I continued to swim.
     I was swimming steadily, beginning to feel the fatigue when I heard the sound of swirling water.  I looked up ahead and saw it.  There was a huge, swirling vortex in the middle of the river and I was already being pulled toward it.  Desperately trying to swim in the opposite direction, flailing and paddling with all of my might, I could not break away from its grip.  I began to cry out for help, screaming and pleading.  Just then I felt something brush my back.  I turned to look and noticed that it was a vine.  I grabbed onto it and held tight.  As I held it, I was steered completely around the whirlpool and taken to safe waters on the other side.  I felt the gentle current trying to take me back toward the danger so I let go of the vine and began to swim upstream again.

     I was so tired.   My legs were aching, my side was burning, my arms, oh, my arms.  I asked, “Lord, I need your help.  I’m so tired.  Will you come please?”
     Opening my eyes I saw the most glorious sight.  A raft made of logs was floating right toward me.  I only had one chance to catch it before it passed me by so using all of my concentration and every bit of strength I had left I threw myself toward it as it came along side of me.  I did it!  I climbed aboard the wonderful vessel and laid on its surface.  Never once did I worry that it would float in the wrong direction, downstream.  I was learning to trust.  I closed my eyes and slept.  When I awoke I felt rested and ready for whatever was next.  When I heard the sound of roaring water, a waterfall!  I looked ahead and wondered how I could be heading toward a waterfall when I was swimming upstream.  I didn’t have time to wonder for long, because I was getting closer and had to find a way out.  I cried out again.
     I heard someone calling my name over the plunging falls.  I looked desperately for the source.  There he was on the bank gesturing for me to come.  I jumped off of the raft and began to swim toward him.  Swimming harder and faster than ever before to get to my savior.  When I reached him, he bent and offered his hand to me.  I took it and he pulled me up and out of the treacherous waters and onto the safety of dry ground, home.  He looked at me and smiled.
     “You have arrived, your journey is finished.” Jesus said.  I hugged him.
     “You never once left me alone,” I said, with tears in my eyes.  “You didn’t keep me from my journey that I had to go through to get here, but you never once left me to do it alone.  Thank you.”