Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bathing My Soul

     Something about the water coming out of the spout draws the pain up and out.  When you’re a mom sometimes the only quiet time you get is when you are in the shower.  The one time your children are afraid to come and find you for fear they may have to gouge out their eyes if they were to see you in your birthday suit.  Knowing this…I use my time as I am cleaning my outer shell to cleanse my inner self as well.  I use this precious alone time to talk with my Father.  

     Telling Him all my sorrows that I have been bottling up for days, partly pretending it doesn’t really hurt, I wash them away.  The tears flow down the drain along with the dirty water and I can have peace again.  I know He knows the whole story.  Even though I can’t explain it to anyone else; I can’t even explain it to Him.  But, he knows.  I asked Him to fix it like only He can.  This is one mess I can’t begin to know how to clean up.  He cleanses my life from start to finish.  I just have to wait and believe it and I do.