Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspiration from a Turkey

    I received a compliment on the title of my blog this week.  After thanking her I looked at the title and really thought about it.  As I said it aloud I had a thought.  “Birds don’t worry.  I’ll bet the turkeys are worried this time of year.”  But, you know what?  They aren’t.  Every morning they get up just like the day before and they go outside and look for their daily sustenance.  The food that God provides for this day; they eat and are full.  They don’t think about tomorrow, or even the next time they’ll be hungry.  They just live.

     We have been instructed to do the same.  Just live, abide in Him.  Those turkeys aren’t worried about the fact that they are being hand-fed and fattened up for something, shhhhhh!  They have no idea that eventually someone will be coming for them and….well, you know what comes next.  We won’t get into that part.  We, in our daily walk also have no idea what will happen next.  Even if we think we do.  All of the “what ifs” we ask ourselves are futile, a complete waste of time.  We need to trust more and worry less.  Spend the time that we would have spent worrying doing something good instead.  We pray, we trust, then we live.  It’s that simple.

My Life as a Turkey
I found this video yesterday shortly after writing this blog.  I felt it fit so well with what I said here that I just had to share.  Watch it with your kids if you have some, if not, it’s still fun to watch.  There is reference to a turkey being 20 million years old and it doesn’t mention God.  Still, it has a spiritual lesson in it if you’re looking for one.