Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks Where Thanks is Due

     Have a busy week planned and I’m thinking I probably won’t get back here, but I cannot go through this season without expressing my gratitude.  This is the traditional time of year where we are supposed to stop what we are doing long enough to realize that we have blessings and are grateful for them.  We are to acknowledge that aloud and be thankful.  

     I’m thankful for my family and for my wonderful friends.  I’m thankful for healthy children and a loving, giving husband who loves me as Christ loves the church.  I give thanks for a comfortable house and clothes to wear.  I never have to worry about what we will eat or wear.  I’m thankful for the country I live in and for the people who died to make it what it is today.  I love that I have the right to homeschool and be with my children to give them a good foundation.  The nature in this beautiful world is something to behold and treasure every time I step outside.  I’m thankful for life and the gifts of it.  I give thanks regardless of my circumstances because I know it’s all for my good.  But to whom do I give my thanks?
     I sometimes wonder who is being thanked.  When I was young, I was taught the history of Thanksgiving and what we were called to do on that day.  I wrote “Give Thanks” on my turkeys made out of construction paper hands, but I didn’t really know what it meant.  Now that I have grown and have become a child of God, it means so much more.  I know “WHO” to thank.  I know that “For from him and through him and for him are all things.  To him be the glory forever! Amen.”  So for Him I give thanks most of all, for without Him there would be no thanksgiving.