Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Way to Give Thanks

     Tonight the children and I are looking at the Compassion International Website and trying to pick out a child to sponsor.  How do you pick from so many?  They all have a story and a reason to be chosen.  So rather than me sign up to sponsor the whole page, I let the kids pick. 

My son picked a young boy, age 9 named Kevin.  He has such sad eyes and he looks so tiny.  James liked him because he enjoys playing marbles and soccer, two things that he aspires to do but hasn’t mastered yet. 
There were no twelve year old girls in Ecuador, the country I picked, so Abbey chose a 10 year old girl named Jessica.  She liked active games and music and I’m just crossing my fingers that there is a love of some type of equine in her heart too.

They are both excited at the prospect of becoming pen pals with these children and that they will be able to buy them gifts and know someone in another country.  I don’t think they see the impact that we will have in the lives of these young people and their families.  They just see at as a fun idea.  They can’t fathom being poor, really poor.  They have such lives of luxury.  I can only hope and pray that through this, they will learn how blessed we are and how much we have to give.  That love is an action not just a feeling.